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Mara Singer & David Sawyer

Photographic Agent & Photographer

Images shot by David Sawyer
Images styled by Mara Singer

Mara Singer & David Sawyer live in New York in their Brooklyn based loft with their two college-age sons and dogs. Mara is an agent for photographers, including her husband David, a NYC based photographer. Their home is filled with furniture and art found and collected in their extensive travels as well as Craigslist & thrift store finds.

Judith & Robert de Graaff

Graphic Designer & Researcher

Images styled & shot by Judith de Graaff

Judith and Robert de Graaff live in Nogent sur Oise, 50km north of Paris, France, with their 3 cats. Their home is a former factory, built in the early 1960s, which they converted into a spacious home. Judith documents their lives, travels and home stories on her site JOELIX.com. She also co-hosts a monthly series called Urban Jungle Bloggers about bringing more greens into homes and blogs.